Archery Corporate Events

Archery At Your Event

We have remote Archery targets that we can bring to your event and setup to various distances.  Whether you are a beginner just trying archery for the first time to the experienced archer.  We can make it competitive for all.

Experienced Instructors

Our team will make sure that you enjoy learning how to shoot an archery target.  Nothing is more rewarding for our instructors than our clients having fun and hitting their first bullseye!

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Try Some Team Challenges!

The Details: We use ambidextrous re-curve bows from 15lb-40lb to suit adults of all frames.

Our team will help you find a bow to suit your height and build and provide the tuition you need to be right on target.


Five Phases of Archery

Archery How To


  • Stand side on to the target
  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Body upright
  • Weight equally balanced
Archery How To


  • Ensure arrow is pointing downwards or down range AT ALL TIMES
  • clip the arrow nock onto the string
  • Place the arrow shaft onto the arrow rest
  • Index fletch points towards you
Archery How To


  • Set bow hand
  • Hook the three middle fingers onto the string, directly below the arrow
  • Achieve preparation line
  • Raise both arms to around the height of the eyes
  • Keep bow arm relaxed
  • Draw the string back until the index finger touches the corner of the mouth
Archery How To


  • Hold at full draw
  • Line up point of arrow with centre of target
Archery How To


  • Relax draw fingers and let the string go
  • Release arrow
  • Keep bow arm pointing to target until the arrow hits it

How to Score / The Bow and Arrow