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Axe Throwing At Your Event

Axe Throwing is one of the most exciting activities you will ever try.  It is the activity that most people are surprised they enjoy.

Experienced Instructors

Axe throwing is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe, tomahawk or hatched at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye, or simply to gain the satisfaction of hitting the target!

We take this sport very seriously as it is potentially hazardous without the right instruction, but under our expert instruction and supervision you can hit the mark safely with your teams.

We use multiple end grain targets, meaning success with minor adjustment is easier.

Our remote targets can be setup up easily and quickly and any location.

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Our Expert Instructors Will Make
sure Your Team Have a Fantastic Day!

Taking care of our clients is of the upmost importance, we want to make sure everyone has the best possible experience on our corporate day packages.

How to Play


Where do I stand? Throwing Distance

Competitors have their own throwing lane.  There should always be at least six feet between any two throwers.  

Throwers MUST stay behind the indicated line, 12 to 15 feet back from the target, in order for their throw to count.

General Scoring

It’s easy to score a round of axe throwing.  As you will know it’s all dependent upon where the axe lands on the target.  The winner is the player with the highest number of points after 10 throws.

How do I count my score?

Every black line awards the number of points that are associated with the inside of its ring.

  1. Hitting a bullseye is worth 6 points
  2. The second ring (right outside of the bullseye) is worth 4 points
  3. The third ring is worth 3 points
  4. The fourth ring is worth 2 points
  5. The fifth ring is worth 1 point


Points only count if ‘one rotation’ of the axe is made

How To Throw An Axe

Step 1: Grip the axe firmly

Make sure you grip the axe tightly, to prevent the risk of it falling out of your hand, prior to throwing.

The axe blade should be pointing towards the target.

Axes can be thrown with one hand, but if you are a beginner, using two hands is probably easier to improve your chances of a steady throw that is likely to hit the target.

Step 2: Adopt the right stance

Place your dominant foot forward (i.e. left-footed or right-footed).  If you are right-handed, place your right foot in front and put most of your weight on that foot.  Reverse this if you are left-handed.

Step 3:   The all important ‘motion’

Bring the axe over your head with both of your arms, make sure the axe blade is pointing towards the target.  Slightly bending your back as you prepare to throw.

Bring the axe forward quickly with power from both arms and release it towards the target when your arms are slightly further forward than your shoulders.  Follow through with the rest of your throwing motion after you have released the axe (i.e. grip firmly but allow for movement through your hand as it releases).

The axe will ordinarily make one ‘full rotation’ in flight if you are throwing it correctly, and from the specified distance.  Points only count when a full rotation is made.